Undead Tank Brigade

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Undead Tank Brigade
Engineer.png Cleric.png Reaper.png
Corruptor.png Revenant.png Knight.png

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Lots of blue undeads, very powerful if used right! As you can see the front line is filled with very tanky units, whitch is pretty much what you want. You can replace the Revenant with a Axeman if you really want to, you just want a tank that damages multiple enemies. I prefer a Revenant due to the fact it's damaging component only takes 4 energies, a unique feature. If you have a spare Ghoul you can use that instead of the Corruptor; just try to upgrade him as soon as possible.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

I found after messing around with this squad a lot, Alchemist caused a lot of trouble even though I didn't lose it was hard. So it may be good to send in a Corruptor, or a Revenant and kill fim fast due to the Alchemist's rather low health. Now, on the Revenant maybe try to hold back on him during the final rounds like when your opponent gets 8-9 kills, and only use him on a good chance to rush in and kill. This is because you usually send in Revenant for a possible suicide mission; as in when your surrounded by Archers and Axemen. During the early rounds this is fine cause he puts in a lot of damage output. This sets the Corruptor up to rush in a chop down a few units and get him stacked up. Corruptor just goes crazy after that. All the while the knight is pushing back units kinda controlling them; you'll push them back with your wall of mass tankers. Kill anyone/push back champs that try to get through the wall. Always keep your support right behind you killer tanks. One thing to note is have the Engineer kinda in front of the Cleric due to the fact that Cleric has amazing range and Engineer just plain doesn't. Use the Reaper on high ground to send a confusing nuke on a tank, that can always make a opponent panic. As your Corruptor just nails enemies, though this goes against some strategies my play style is sometimes kill a few tanks; keeps the opponent a little shy. The Engineer really ties the squad together making it more fluid. I know this is a lot to take in but a little practice will just make your gaming more instinctive, but always think in this game!


Contributors[edit | edit source]

Thanks Rosalia for helping me and battling me! My game name is Azae, Wiki name is Azae2oo1 I made this squad have fun with it ( not done gonna work on this more)