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Undead Horde

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Undead Horde
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Introduction[edit | edit source]


This "Undead Horde" build is a very beginner friendly composition that is very easy to play while being very effective against various if not all enemy compositions! All 6 of your Champs have Some sort of healing and the added benefit of 3x Cleric shields to dampen the incoming damage!

The Corruptor Idea[edit | edit source]


The Undead Horde is a fun and competitive composition that involves feeding your Corruptor while Pestilent use Spew Acid to weaken enemies so they can easily be last hit by Corruptor.

How to maximize your Corruptor:

First of all, make sure to put a Cleric shield on your Corruptor and try to position on a vent adjacent to another vent ideally. Their energy gain is sort of low! It is important to use their Mania Mania.png self buff ability to get 60% damage on next 3 strikes. If you can make sure your Corruptor can survive long enough to get 3 killing blows with Soul Slice Soul slice.png he will be a lot harder to kill so you don't have to babysit him as much! You can click on your Corruptor and on the bottom left of the screen you will see how many stacks of his Manic self buff are left. You always want to use this skill when you have no stacks of the buff left! If your Corruptor is low Health do not hesitate to run back so your clerics can heal him. Chasing enemies with Corruptor is not advised unless you can have enemy trapped or he is close and 0 energy at time of chasing them.

The Cleric Support[edit | edit source]


The reason we go 3 clerics here is because you do not want to let anyone die! The reason this composition is so powerful is because all 6 of your heroes have some type of healing. When using 3x Cleric Holy Shield Holy shield.png the incoming damage is lowered sginificantly allowing you to out-heal the enemy damage while chipping away at them even against more offensive teams.

How to maximize your Cleric:

Remember they can only move 2 spaces so plan accordingly ahead of time. If your cleric can not get a Vent, then try to move them on a elevated tile so they have more range to heal, but do not move them into danger if they do not have a shield on themselves! It really helps if all 3 of your clerics are in range of healing any of the 3 Champs without a Holy Shield, that way it is harder for enemy to focus fire burst one of them down and make that Clerics Holy Shield fail. Sometimes you will want to throw a heal Replenish.png rather than a Holy Shield if someone on your team is low health. A good tactic is to shield a friendly troop before you send it into danger. The other useful tip is that Clerics can actually do some damage! If your Corrupter is not close or already has his max 5 stacks and you have a enemy hero very very low HP in range of your cleric, feel free to finish them off! Positioning wise, keep an eye on enemy positions and if you see enemies trying to get 2+ into range of your cleric - move! If you are forced to move, might as well move so you force your enemy to get in range of your Corroptor and Pestilent! As always you want to try to kill any enemy Champ that has high energy, any time you can kill a enemy champ without them spending their energy you are gaining a substantial advantage overall! They will be doing less damage, and will have to waste energy getting back in position to attack!

The Alternative Champs Composition[edit | edit source]

400px-DF5493D5-86B2-435A-991D-6757F573F365-604-00000050B107AFE0 zpsaed27ce5.jpg

You can also try a more balanced build by swapping 1 of the clerics for a Archer Archer.png,

Playstyle tips with Archer: (one of my favorite heroes of all time - hence cool pic!)


Your Archer Mark Mark.png will put a 50% damage debuff on a enemy. For enemies marked, your Pestilent will be able to steal 50% more HP from that target while doing 50% more damage as well!. This would also help your Corroptor do exponentially more damage so it is a viable alternative. Keep in mind that if your Archer dies, the mark dissapears! To maximize your energy to damage ratio, you want to cast Mark on a target that you will need at least 2-3 hits to kill, by doing 50% more damage 2x it equals one full 4-5tick skill and would be giving you a Energy spent/DPS done advantage! Archer already has great range but if you put him on a elevated tile he will really shine! Another benefit of an Archer is their high mobility so always try to run away and "kite" your enemy where you can run and shoot from safety while your mark remains a constant benefit to your team by keeping your Archer alive!

Another alternative could be to swap another cleric Cleric.png for an Alchemist Alchemist.png so you can do some good long range AoE support.

Some tips for Alchemist Alchemist.png

Your alchemist will have great range with his vials if you are on a elevated tile so try to throw your vials in a way where adjacent spots have at least 2+ enemies that will be affected. Just to explain more clear: the vials will affect tiles in a "+" formation, the center being the vial and the spots directly next to it. The vials thrown on a empty tile will explode and can damage your own team so always try to make sure your teams are sideways from the vial so you do not damage yourself. Do not worry about putting oil debuff on your teammates if the enemy has no Alchemist or Sorceress! It takes a few seconds for a vial to go off so you want to try and throw it next to enemies with low energy that will have no time to run away. Your Oil Burst Oil burst.png skill works amazing if you have a Sorceress in your team or want to set up your Alchemist for higher damage to that enemy when he uses his 5 tick fire skill "Ubernade" Ubernade.png

Also note that I have personally completed most of the campaign solo by swapping Corruptor out and putting in an Axeman. Make sure to always use his self buff skill and position him in a place that allows enemy Ai to surround him. By hitting 2+ units per his 5 tick attack you will be doing damage nore eazily every turn compared to a Corruptor.

Test for yourself and find your play-style!

Strategy: Cleric Shield Bubble[edit | edit source]

Additional Holy Shield Tactic:

By using a back row of clerics your goal is to put up 3 Holy shields Holy shield.png as soon as possible to dampen the incoming damage. The reason this composition is so powerful is that your Corroptor can do great damage while your Corroptors can put pressure with their Acid the whole time your whole team is absorbing and healing large chunks of incoming damage. One of those shields should likely be on your Corruptor as he will be your main bread and butter damage dealer and you do not want him to die. Keep in mind you have 6 champs who can heal and 3 of them will have a damage reducing shield! You should always move a low health hero to the back, and if that hero is safe, you can move the shield from that champ to another front line champ that is in danger. You will want to throw out heals as much as you can and try not to swap shields around too much unless absolutely necessary.

Positioning/Vents[edit | edit source]

400px-64946F38-1C5A-45F1-9F23-5A76E9904824-604-00000050A7F0A8EA zps701e1362.jpg

Start of any game can be important, so remember that your enemy will try to kill your Corroptor usually - knowing this you may want to put your Corruptor on the middle tile at start but then move him back after he gets some damage while another hero is ready to take that Energy Vent. You can then proceed to heal your Corruptor and put a shield on him before moving him forward again. Any time the enemy is attacking your Corroptor you are getting a slight advantage because the Corroptor already has very high defensive stats and as he gets more stacks of Soul Cut he will be even more tanky. Towards the end of a game i will usually take off the shield from Corroptor if he already has 3 stacks to encourage enemies to spend their energy trying to kill him - their damage potential will be severely limited and it will be easy to heal the Corroptor and not let him die with 3 clerics!

In this comp you really have to worry about 1 cleric being on a energy tile and the other 2 clerics can be in the back close enough to heal but far enough to be safe. The Corruptor and Pestilents should be close to each other so that they can focus kill someone quickly or spread them around if enemy has high AOE. You will not be able to knock off enemies off vents so try to be quick in taking them over any time the enemy moves or is killed off them.Both the Pestilent and Corropter have 3 movement squares so feel free to move around.

You want to put your Corroptor on a energy square that is next to another energy square so the enemy is likely to come to you. If the enemy has a knight, you can try to position your clerics behind your Corroptor so it is harder for them to knock him off energy tiles. Overall the key to this composition is to have your Corruptor and 1 cleric on a energy square at the minimum, then even if the enemy has 4 energy squares you should be able to mitigate their damage and put enough pressure on them to overpower them in the end.

The Pestilent[edit | edit source]


Pestilent have some of the best stats in the game, with 450 HP, 3 energy regen, and 15 of every resistance + their self Chomp skill Chomp.png will damage and heal them. They are very tanky and a great overall fighter. Their Acid Spit will damage the enemy about 9HP every 3-4 seconds until they have 1 HP and if the enemy has a healer, having just 2+ acid spits on enemy heroes will negate all their team's healing! This is where the main advantage of this team comes from! You are able to nullify their team healing while having very high spike damage and survivability.

How to maximize your Pestilents

One benefit of using Spew Acid Spew acid.png is that if the enemy has no healing they will need to retreat their heroes, effectively making it a 6vs 5 etc. fight. This is a huge advantage and there is no need to go out of your way chasing enemy melee heroes because at very low HP they will retreat and be doing 0 damage to you. At this point you will continue gaining an advantage by being able to absorb x amount of damage, heal x amount of damage and do x amount of damage.

Pestilents have high energy gain and high movement, so positioning is key. You want to get on a vent 30px to prevent an enemy taking it, once you are full energy you can move off a bit and you will soon be able to use your skills again. Your Pestilent can also sit on a energy vent and wait for a cleric to be within 2 spaces of it with enough energy to move, then as you move your Pestilent off-move your cleric in! Do not be afraid to use your Acid skill then retreat if you are low health because the Acid will keep pressure on the enemy team even while your Pestilent is safely away. Also keep in mind your acid persists even if your pestilent is killed!

Success in Solo[edit | edit source]

You want to use the enemy Bot behavior to your advantage and put your Corroptor next to another vent so enemies will come to you. You want to make sure you finish the enemy before they have a chance to retreat so plan your Pestilents to lower health of an enemy that is within attack range of a Corruptor only when Corroptor is ready to attack! (This way enemy has no chance to retreat) Biggest tip is taking your Pestilent and putting Spew Acid Spew acid.png on as many enemy heroes as you can, especially Melee ones. Once the enemy gets under 20% health they will retreat and stay back completely! This is especially useful against melee enemies because they will retreat and be doing 0 damage to you! The enemy bot healers may even try to heal those enemies, allowing you a chance to kill their front line.

I had much success in Solo with 2-3 stars even higher and harder levels in the campaign for example lvl 27-28-29 with maybe 1-2 deaths max and it is definitely possible to beat the whole campaign with no deaths if you play carefully! Another tip for getting more stars in campaign is using some Tier 1 heroes because you are allowed more deaths if your whole team has less Tier 2 champs.

Additional Tips[edit | edit source]

You can also split up your front line by attacking side energy tiles with Pestilent while Corroptor handles middle if opponent has high AOE. Feel free to move your cleric shield as needed and always use your heal when you can so you maximize your healing/damage mitigation. If you face a team with more damage, do not be surprised if at the end of the game you did 5,000+ damage and they did 10,000+ damage, but you still won! This is very normal for this composition and this is one of the easier compositions to use as it is very straightforward and easy to use.

6C42CD09-CEBE-41F3-9615-7416231994A0-604-00000050AC59335A zps157e4c0f.jpg

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