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Sun Elf
Nuker, Buffer
Starting Energy:
Energy Regen:
Physical Defense:
Magic Defense:
Tech Defense:

Hurling flames at her enemies and boosting her allies, the Sunsear leaves the battlegrounds scorched in her wake. Whether melting down the frozen undead or searing off the flesh from the living, she will not stop until everyone has felt her wrath.

After years of harnessing the sun's power, she has learned to transfer the power of the sun to her allies and incinerate her foes! The Sunsear is capable of adding fire damage to the other members of her squad and when she sees her enemies clustering, she sparks a chain flame, rendering both targets into ashes.

Previous Tier[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack
Basic Attack.png
Energy: 3
Damage: 45
Type: Magic
Range: 2

The Sunsear forms a small, but potent fireball in her hands, throwing it at an enemy.

Fire Enchant
Fire Enchant.png
Energy: 4
Damage: +50 Magical
Type: Magic, Fire, Buff
Range: 3

Through years of training, the Sunsear can redirect her power of the sun onto her allies' weapons. Enchant target ally's next 3 basic attacks with +50 magical, fire damage.

  • Enchants target's next 3 basic attacks with +50 attack.
  • Damage is calculated twice: one for basic attack and another for Fire Enchant attack.
Chain Flame
Chain Flame.png
Energy: 5
Damage: 125
Type: Magic, AoE
Range: 3

The Sunsear puts a spin on this large fireball. It hurtles to an opponent, hitting them with such force that it bounces to a nearby enemy as well before finally dissipating. Hurl flames at target enemy. Deals half damage to another enemy adjacent to it.

  • First hit of the chain is a standard targeted attack. The second, however, is an AoE attack and cannot be dodged.
  • Second attack has range of 1 and does not travel diagonally.
  • Second target chosen randomly.
  • Attack bounces even if first hit kills target.