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Welcome to the Strategy Section! Here we provide basic information regarding squad composition, starting formation, Champ synergy - anything that will help prepare you going into a battle. In Champs, there is a lot of strategy involved when it comes to the makeup of your squad. A misplaced Squire can bring down an entire opening move, which loses you the early game advantage, which can snowball into losing the entire match.

Before we get started, let's define a few basic terms in Champs: Battlegrounds.

Squad Composition[edit | edit source]

Army positioning.png

Your squad (or army) contains 6 Champs. As your skill evolves and your Champ inventory expands, the Champs used to make this squad can cater to all sorts of different strategies. While building the ideal composition (or just 'comp') for your strategy, you should consider trying to have a balance to your squad comp. Each Champ specializes in a certain role known as a "Class."

Class Function Examples
Fighter High melee damage Squire, Axeman, Ghoul, Corruptor, Pestilent, Critter
Ranged High ranged damage Vagabond, Archer, Bandit
Tank High health, high defense Squire, Knight
Flanker Medium range, high mobility Striker, Skylancer
Nuker Very high ranged damage (Magical) Apprentice, Sorceress, Alchemist, Initiate, Radiant, Reaper
Controller Specializes in positional control Tinker, Engineer, Knight, Wilder, Planter
Healer Heals allies Apprentice, Cleric
Buffer Buffs allies Engineer, Cleric, Sorceress
Debuffer Debuffs enemies Alchemist, Initiate, Radiant

Squad Composition Examples[edit | edit source]

Squads should contain a combination of these classes, typically having a tank or fighter to hold the front line with a few ranged types to rain down damage from a safer location. Here are a few examples of good squad comps by class, although there are many other alternatives that will work:

Example Squad 1[edit | edit source]

This squad comp uses the default champs available when you begin to play Champs: Battlegrounds.

FRONT LINE Squire (Tank) Squire (Tank) Vagabond (Ranged)
BACK LINE Vagabond (Ranged) Apprentice (Healer) Apprentice (Healer)


Example Squad 2[edit | edit source]

FRONT LINE Axeman (Fighter) Knight (Tank) Striker (Flanker)
BACK LINE Radiant (Nuker) Cleric (Healer) Archer (Ranged)


Example Squad 3[edit | edit source]

FRONT LINE Skylancer (Flanker) Pestilent (Fighter) Bandit (Ranged)
BACK LINE Initiate (Debuffer) Reaper (Nuker) Archer (Ranged)


Example Squad 4[edit | edit source]

FRONT LINE Critter (Fighter) Squire (Tank) Planter (Controller)
BACK LINE Sorceress (Nuker) Cleric (Healer) Alchemist (Debuffer)


Starting Positions[edit | edit source]

As you can see from the above comps, there is a general pattern to how Classes line up in the starting positions. This is no coincidence!

The Classes you generally want in your squad's front line are:

  • Tank (front center)
  • Fighter (any position)
  • Flanker (side positions)
  • Controller
  • Ranged (only if the ranged Champ has 3 movement)

The Classes you generally want in the back line are:

  • Ranged
  • Nuker
  • Support
  • Debuffer
  • Controller (if front row is occupied by higher priority front row Champs)

Melee Champs in general should always be in the front row, or they will get caught behind your ranged/support Champs and be of little to no impact. Conversely, having your weaker ranged Champs up front will get them killed before they get a chance to strike.

Champ Synergy[edit | edit source]

There are some Champ combinations that do very well together regardless of their Class. These Champs tend to have abilities that help amplify or set up other abilities. There are tons of possible combinations that you can come up with to synergize your squad, so be creative! Here is a list of a few Champs that have a particular affinity for each other:

Squire.png works well with Knight.png Tinker.png works well with Engineer.png
Squire.png works well with Ghoul.png Axeman.png works well with Cleric.png
Alchemist.png works well with Sorceress.png Wilder.png works well with Planter.png

More information on Squads[edit | edit source]

If you're looking for some inspiration for a squad, visit our. You can also easily create a new guide from there, when you want to impart some of your experience.

Champs: Battlegrounds official forum also has a lot of experienced players who share strategies. Create an account on the forum and start posting!