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Starter's Basic Guide and Strategy

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Vagabond.png Apprentice.png Squire.png
Squire.png Ghoul.png Vagabond.png

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The goal of this guide is for new players to be able to have basic feel for the units and decision making needed to be successful in the game without having to invest a lot of resources (gems/ quark points). The squad format I have used is my first formation I used in PvP and although it utilizes only Tier 1 Champs, it is easy to learn especially after going through tutorial and a few levels of the campaign. The Ghoul - although not part of the free squad you're given to start with - is a great unit and I recommend buying it as soon as you can.

Champ Stats[edit | edit source]

Here is a table of the Tier 1 Champs in this guide:

Champions Race Class Health Starting Energy Energy Regen Movement PHS Defence MAG Defence Tech Defence
Apprentice.jpg Human Healer, Nuker 1.8 0.95 2 265 5 25 5
Ghoul.jpg Undead Fighter 2.5 1 3 380 17 10 10
Squire.jpg Human Fighter, Tank 3.5 1 3 415 25 10 10
Vagabond.jpg Human Ranged 1.5 1 3 270 10 5 5

Reference: All Champ Stats

Strategies[edit | edit source]


Placement[edit | edit source]

This is totally up to you and your play style. Find what you are most comfortable with and what suits your units best. I personally, would sometimes switch the placement up for a mixed gameplay experience. Ask questions like:

  • How many ranged units might I want in front to get them to a significant tile quickly?
  • Which unit might I really want to have high survivability and where might it have that?

Focus[edit | edit source]

Focus down on the enemy squishies (units with relatively low/ average health) as the game is won by the player that reaches the specified amount of kills. Also, try to direct your different sources of damage to the ones listed here:

  • Physical damage on units that deal magic damage as they are generally more vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Magical damage on units that deal physical damage as they are generally more vulnerable to magical attacks.

Early Game[edit | edit source]

Move your units to their maximum movement tile. When moving a unit, remember that it is always better to put them on an Energy Square Energy Square icon.png even though there is no enemy unit within attack range. Control (and deny from your opponent) the Energy Squares Energy Square icon.png for the energy recovery advantage (the faster you recover energy, the more moves and attacks you can make!).

Late Game[edit | edit source]

When a match is nearing an end (i.e. both players need only 1 kill left) and the kill scores are close, pay close attention to the health of the units on the field - whoever gets kills faster, wins. Focus units that are close to death in order to attain quicker kill scores while safeguarding your own units with dangerously low health away from enemy attacks (use your unit skill or move).

Synergies[edit | edit source]

Squire.png Apprentice.png Squire-Apprentice + Ghoul Ghoul.png[edit | edit source]

The Apprentice uses Heal Heal.png on Squire, restoring 100 Health, and then the Ghoul Feasts Feast.png on the Squire, turning the Squire's 50 Health into 140 Health for the Ghoul. With this great Tier 1 synergy, you will effectively help your frontline last longer and soak up more damage for your team.

Ghoul.png Ghoul + Squire Squire.png[edit | edit source]

Works very effectively especially with Apprentice healing Squire. You can also adjust your strategy and focus on snowballing your Ghoul. (See Stack That Ghoul

Roles[edit | edit source]

Screen 2.png

Melee[edit | edit source]

Expendable! Make Basic Attacks Basic Attack.png your best friend! Your enemy squishies annoyances!

Squire.jpg Squires[edit | edit source]

Your basic melee tank unit. Squires are extremely mobile and can harass well due to their fast energy recovery. Use them to hold the Energy Squares Energy Square icon.png on the floor for your ranged, deny Energy Squares Energy Square icon.png from enemy units (you can utilize the Squire's Pushback Pushback.png for this as well), run up to and harass with Basic Attacks Basic Attack.png or Rock Toss Rock Toss.jpg the enemy squishies (though try to always be able to use Basic Attacks Basic Attack.png since they are more energy efficient), block paths to keep the enemy melee from reaching your own squishies, and, of course, a health resource for your Ghoul's Feast Feast.png. Try to place Squires adjacent to your Ghoul whenever possible/ needed and Heal Heal.png when it needs more health for your Ghoul or if the enemy is wasting attacks on it.

Ghoul.jpg Ghoul[edit | edit source]

Your basic melee fighter unit. Ghouls do more damage than Squires and can strengthen themselves with Soul Cut Soul cut.png at the cost of lesser health, defense and energy recovery. Since your Ghoul has the same amount of maximum movement (3 squares) as your Squires, they function in almost the same way (again, harass with your Basic Attacks Basic Attack.png whenever it is useable!) with the only big difference being that the Ghoul has self healing through Feast Feast.png. Use your Ghoul as you use your Squires while also Feasting Feast.png to heal itself as it soaks up more damage. Only Heal Heal.png when Feast Feast.png is not useable (not enough energy/ no adjacent friendly unit) and you think the Ghoul might be taken out in the next 1 or 2 strong hits.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

Not as expendable as your Melee! Energy Tiles Energy Square icon.png and Elevated Terrain Elevation sample.png are their best friend! Make Ultimate Attacks your best friend! Your enemy squishies demise!

Vagabond.jpg Vagabonds[edit | edit source]

Your basic physical damage ranged unit. Vagabonds are more mobile than your Apprentice which makes them more expendable than your Apprentice (when they are slain, they can get back to attack range or Energy Squares Energy Square icon.png faster than the Apprentice). Get your Vagabonds on elevated terrain Elevation sample.png especially if it is an elevated Energy Square Elevation sample.png+Energy Square icon.png! Focus your Killshot Killshot.png on the enemy squishies, especially on their magical damage sources. Use (mainly for energy efficiency) Basic Attacks Basic Attack.png to finish off enemies if your Killshot Killshot.png becomes overkill. Dodge Dodge.png when your Vagabond is being focused by the enemy.

Apprentice.jpg Apprentice[edit | edit source]

Your basic magical damage ranged/ support unit. Your Apprentice is the least mobile in this group so try to get it on an Energy Square Energy Square icon.png and keep it alive. Like your Vagabonds, the Apprentice benefits greatly from elevated terrain! Focus your Fire Bolt Fire bolt.png on the enemy squishies, especially on their physical damage sources. Use (mainly for energy efficiency) Basic Attacks Basic Attack.png to finish off enemies if your Fire Bolt Fire bolt.png becomes overkill. Heal Heal.png your units when they are dangerously low or have less than 50% health with your standard priority (take how much energy the unit has stored into account as well) from highest to lowest being: Apprentice, Vagabond, Squire, Ghoul.

TL; DR (In General)[edit | edit source]

Whatever assortment of Champs you use in your Army, focus squishies and threats to your own squishy Champs. Protect your damage dealers: keep them alive. Be aware and have knowledge of positioning, health, energy, attack range, move range and the Champs in play (know yourself, know your enemy). Take advantage and control the map. Have fun playing. =)

Contributors[edit | edit source]

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