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Introduction[edit | edit source]

*These units are classified as to how I use them. Some of them share the tags that Quark Games has given them, but I have classified to how I see fit.

Tanks, the meat, the beef, the walls of Champs Battlegrounds. The Tanks of Champs perform the role that is expected of any Tank from any game type. They absorb large amounts of damage, as well as some disruption and small amounts of damage. These Tank units do a great job for holding tiles for your slower units. They also act as a good wall for protecting the squishier units in your composition. Most compositions will include at least one of these units. Running two Tanks can severally lower a compositions damage output. While running two Tanks isn't necessary a bad idea, you need to make use of the disruption the Tanks bring and keep your opponent off the energy tiles and keep your few damage dealers safe.

Squire[edit | edit source]


The lowly Squire, destined for great things, but for today he is just a Squire. The Squire is one of the three starting units upon your account creation. The Squire is a well balanced, straight up Tank. With a health pool of 415, 35 less than his upgrade, he can be pretty tanky. His defensive stats are a bit lower at 25 physical, and 10 in magic and tech. The Squire brings with him a mix of tile control and a little damage. His 4 tick has a small amount of damage of 50 physical, as well as a range of 2. It is good for setting up a kill or finishing off a unit just out of range of your other units. You should only use the 4 tick in very few circumstances. His 5 tick is his bread and butter. Using it to take enemy tiles or keeping enemies away from your squishy units. This is where you need to make use of the 5 tick and use it to take great position for your squad. As for relics, going with green barbaric is a good choice. Adding some health to a low health pool can make up for the lower magic and tech defenses. If you run into a heavy magic/tech composition, purple or orange relics will work just fine. While not being the tankiest of units, the Squire makes up for this with his utility in his 5 tick.

Knight[edit | edit source]


The Knight, fighter and defender of the weak, the downtrodden, and the squishy. The Knight is the tankiest unit in the game. His impressive 450 health pool, along with his 30 physical, 20 magic and tech defense, this big guy can take a beating. The Knight's 4 and 5 ticks are what make him a great tank. His 4 tick, Taunt, forces an adjacent enemy to attack him. You may think, "How is this good?" Well, plain and simple, it forces your opponent into using a basic attack and wasting 3 ticks of energy on a tanky unit. This can buy a low health squishy unit enough time to get a big ticket 5 tick off. It may even buy enough time to get a heal onto a low health unit. The Knight's 5 tick, Knockback, is almost the same as the Squire's Pushback. Knockback pushes an enemy two tiles away from the Knight, and if the unit doesn't travel the two tiles, it gets stunned for a few seconds. This ability gives plenty of time to steal your opponents' tile. Whenever you use the Knight's 5 tick, make sure you have a plan, either stealing the tile or making use of the double damage and the stun if the unit doesn't go the two tiles. As for relics, Barbaric is a great choice to make use of the Knights base damage.Green barbaric relics are probably the choice for color, this route is to best maximize the Knight's high defenses and high health pool and will make him overall tankier and tougher to bring down. All in all, the Knight fits into a lot of compositions. If your looking for a 6th unit, a Knight up and front will do wonders. Placing the Knight front center is a good spot as well as on the flanks. This will allow for some fast pinball action.

Pestilent[edit | edit source]


Our first non-human unit, and what a unit we have. The Pestilent is a rather unique tank. Yeah his model looks big and very tanky. Well, looks don't lie. He has an impressive health pool of 450. His 25 physical, 15 magic and 15 tech defense doesn't make him the tankiest of tanks, but his kit provides some built in tankiness. While he has the lowest base stats of the three tier 2's in the category, he does have the ability to self sustain. The Pestilent 4 tick, Chomp deals 90-110 physical damage to an enemy unit, and heals for half the damage dealt. This ability is what what makes the Pestilent a tank. How does this one attack the Pestilent into a tank you ask? Well, being able to negate some damage with his base defensive stats, on top of being able to heal some of that damage makes the Pestilent a great damage sponge. This 4 tick forces your enemies dropping a lot of energy into killing one unit. The Pestilent 5 tick, Contagion is a strong DoT. Dealing 15ish damage initially and 8-14 damage every tick until the unit reaches 1 HP. This can wear, even on the tanks. Not a flashy ability, but it can set up kills later in the game. Make use of this ability by spreading it to as many enemies as you can, all while Chomping to keep you health up. The best relics for this guy are Barbaric. The damage adds to both his 4 tick and 5 tick. Color wise, you can go straight purple or tech to great boost the Pestilent's lower magic and tech defenses. The safe route would be to have 2 purple and 2 orange just to bring the magicmagic and tech defenses in line with the other tanks. While bringing no tile control, the Pestilent can take a lot of damage with his 4 tick, while setting up your damage dealers for kills come to mid to late game.

Shockmite[edit | edit source]


Now onto one of our more unconventional tanks, the Shockmite. When you look at the Shockmite's kit it doesn't off any form of til control, but that is alright, it doesn't need any. The Shockmite demands focus, and that is what happens. With a health pool of 450 and a 20 physical and magic. with a 30 tech defenses, this little bug has one tough shell. All of the Shockmite's attacks are tech damage. Now as I stated before, the Shockmite doesn't bring any tile control except for standing on 1 tile. Now the Shockmite 4 tick, Energy Array, can cause some focus fire. With the 4 tick active and the Shockmite gets back 2 energy whenever an adjacent unit uses energy. This allows him to make quick work of any squishy unit unfortunate to be next to the Shockmite. Now let us take a look at the Shockmite 5 tick, Overload. The Shockmite 5 tick does not provide any tanking, or disruption, but it does provide a ton of threat. Overload does more damage depending on the enemies energy. If the enemy has more energy, Overload does more damage. The base damage on Overload is 95 and scales up to a 100% increase in damage up to 190 tech damage on an enemy with full energy. Now, with most opponents, they will not be sitting on full energy long. With this said, the Shockmite 5 tick is an opportunity ability. When your opponent gives you the free 190 burst, by all means take it, but do not sit on 5 energy waiting for that opportunity. Take advantage of the Shockmite 4 tick and position in a high energy use area to lay down the auto attacks. Let us take a look at what relics to equip. A great choice for the Shockmite is white mechanical relics. I recommend white because the other tanks are physical damage. The extra physical defense can allow the Shockmite to stand toe-to-toe with the other tanks. If you are worried more about the burst from magic users, than the purple mechanical are the route for you. While this tank does not bring a normal tanks kit, he does bring threat, enough threat the be focused down. A tanky unit that lives surrounded by allies and enemies alike. Try and make good use of the 4 tick along with a strong position on your opponent to get force your opponent into inefficient energy use.