Shadow77113's Guide to Fighters/Offtanks

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

  • These units are classified as to how I use them. Some of them share the tags that Quark Games has given them, but I have classified to how I see fit.

The Fighter/Offtank class has always been an interesting archetype in games. The Fighters/Offtanks are nicely balanced while fitting some niche compositions. Now you may be wondering what makes a unit a Fighter/Offtank. Well the units in this catagroy have health pools around 400 Health along with one defensive stat really high and one stat very low. This class is full of self buffs and debuffs. Some in this class have strong self sustain, while others bring a lot of damage. All of the units in this class are melee, making a Chaser both friend and foe to those in this class. When building your compistions try to stick to 2 of these guys. Having 3 can pushing your lucky. While these guys are tanky, you risk your units getting kited around. If you do look to run more than 2, add a Chaser.

Widget[edit | edit source]

The Widget is the grunt of the Mech line. This little guy stomps around the battlefield with it's Energy Shield, all while punishing units that hoard energy with its Energy Cannon. The Widget is a tech Fighter. The Widget has a health pool of 370 and 15 phyiscal, 5 magic, and 20 tech defenses. The Widget has a good kit to get into the mix and fight. This all comes from the Widget's 4 tick, Energy Shield. Energy Shield provides the Widget with a shield that reduces the damage of the next attack by 50%. The second effect of this 4 tick is, the Widget gains a 20% energy regan