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In the world of Tetra, where Champs: Battlegrounds takes place, there are currently four known races: Humans, Chibbets, Sun Elves and Undead. Each race has their own societies, philosophies, territories, and unique Champs, each with their own mix of classes. You can compose your Squad of Champs from various races.

Humans[edit | edit source]

Humans are considered to be a very curious race, exploring as much of Tetra as possible. Due to their inherent curiosity, they've acquired a wide range of skills: they're adept in magic, melee mastery, machinery and distance combat.

Human Champs[edit | edit source]

Name Tier Class
1 Tank, Controller
1 Ranged
1 Nuker, Support
1 Controller
2 Tank, Controller
2 Fighter
2 Ranged, Debuffer
Bandit.png 2 Flanker
Engineer.png 2 Controller, Support
Alchemist.png 2 Nuker
Cleric.png 2 Support
Sorceress.png 2 Nuker, Support

Chibbets[edit | edit source]

Chibbets are small forest-dwellers that have a knack for harmonizing with nature. They value maintaining a peaceful home, and they'll go to any lengths to see this harmony unfettered. This is shown in their ability to position control the battleground through the use of vines and other forms of nature magic.

Chibbet Champs[edit | edit source]

Name Tier Class
Wilder.png 1 Controller
Planter.png 1 Controller
Critter.png 2 Fighter

Undead[edit | edit source]

The Undead are intelligent, reanimated former denizens of Tetra. Bound to a single cause, they seek domination over the still-living of Tetra. They waste no time on the battleground, spreading negative effects and high damage abilities to opposing Squads.

Undead Champs[edit | edit source]

Name Tier Class
Ghoul.png 1 Fighter
Corruptor.png 2 Fighter
Pestilent.png 2 Fighter
Reaper.png 2 Nuker

Sun Elves[edit | edit source]

Sun Elf description here

Sun Elf Champs[edit | edit source]

Name Tier Class
Striker.png 1 Flanker
Skylancer.png 2 Flanker
Initiate.png 1 Nuker, Debuffer
Radiant.png 2 Nuker, Debuffer