Rabbits With Guns!

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hi my name is Ryu and I am about to show you the worlds greatest idea "rabbits" with "guns" behold as your furry and cute little settlers turn into rabbits wielding rocket launchers! Before you ask this is totally's not a troll page But don't hold me for a promise

Strategies[edit | edit source]

One strategy you can do is stand still and just charge your energy and shoot who ever comes to you, cause your have a gun and your a rabbit army. the second strategy you can do is just run to every energy spot shooting whoever has the lowest health like a complete pro. the third and last strategy you can do is play the game properly and use the rabbits in a normal comp and move em normally and attack one guy at a time or 2-5 people at once Cause there is no limit to technical damage!

Contributors[edit | edit source]