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Protect the Corruptor
Squire.png Corruptor.png Squire.png
Apprentice.png Cleric.png Apprentice.png

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello friends! This guide is based on effectively stacking and protecting your Corrupter. Think of it as protecting your AD Carry in LoL. Since the game is relatively new, players probably do not have as many BPs to spend. I have picked mostly tier 1 champs in light of this. The squire is there mainly for the knock back/stun, feel free to replace them with a knight if you have the gold. Similarly, feel free to replace apprentice with Clerics. Now, the Corrupter is essential to this team comp. So is at least one Cleric. We will discuss about that later.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Dat Corruptor[edit | edit source]

First, let's compare the survival stats of a Ghoul and Corrupter.


HP 380 | DEFs 17 10 10


HP 425 | DEFs 25 20 20

As one can easily see, corruptor can survive through a lot more beating than the ghoul, which is essential to this guide. Although he no longer can gain HP at the cost of allies's HP, he now gains HP on every kill (which is pretty much what you will use your hyper carry corruptor for).

Synergy: HEAL and MANIA[edit | edit source]


Always have a Heal ready before you use Mania. You do not want to leave your hyper carry Corruptor vulnerable. With three healers and some positioning, this should not be too difficult.

Synergy: HOLY SHIELD and SOUL SLICE[edit | edit source]

Holy shield.pngSoul slice.png

Once you have gained one stack on your Corruptor.jpg, cast Holy shield.png on him ASAP to protect and further build your stacks up.

Contributors[edit | edit source]