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Progression/Relics Guide

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Progression[edit | edit source]

With Game Update 1.3, Champs: Battleground introduces a leveling mechanic for all Champs. Leveling a Champ allows them to gradually become more powerful, and also adds a reward bonus almost every time you play Champs.

How to gain experience[edit | edit source]

Playing any match in Champs: Battlegrounds (except Challenge Matches) will grant experience points. Only the Champs that were in your squad during your match will gain XP.

Experience gain[edit | edit source]

Each Champ begins with zero experience, at level 0. Levels are based on Tiers; a Tier 1 Champ must advance to Level 5 before it can be upgraded to a Tier 2 Champ. (A Tier 2 Champ can be purchased at any time using BP or QP, however.)

Each level grants a bonus to the Champ, detailed below:

Tier 1 XP Required Bonus
Level 0 0 Base Stats, 0 Gems
Level 1 100 HP: +5%
Level 2 160 Gem Slot 1
Level 3 240 Energy Regen: +5%
Level 4 360 Gem Slot 2
Level 5 500 Tier 2 Upgrade
Tier 2 XP Required Bonus
Level 0 0 Base Stats, 2 Gems
Level 1 200 HP: +5%
Level 2 320 Gem Slot 3
Level 3 480 Energy Regen: +5%
Level 4 720 Gem Slot 4
Level 5 1000 Portrait Border

Relics[edit | edit source]

Relics are a powerful addition to Champs: Battlegrounds, allowing you to customize individual Champs with items that boost their stats. Using relics can give you a crucial edge in battle.

Using Relics[edit | edit source]

Relics can be equipped on all Champs, but have different requirements for different Tiers. Up to four relics can be equipped simultaneously, depending on the Champ's tier and current level. Here's a breakdown.

Champ Tier Relic Slot 1 Relic Slot 2 Relic Slot 3 Relic Slot 4
1 Unlocks Level 2 Unlocks Level 4 Not Available Not Available
2 Open Open Unlocks Level 2 Unlocks Level 4

Acquiring Relics[edit | edit source]

You can acquire relics by winning battles, or if you wish, by purchasing chests which hold relics. There are three ways to win relics by playing Champs:

Campaign: On acquiring 3 stars of some campaign levels, a Common-Epic level relic may be awarded for victory. If you replay a Campaign battle after achieving 3 stars on it, you will not be awarded any relics.

Proving Grounds: You have a chance to be awarded a Common-Rare level relic upon victory in a Proving Grounds battle.

Player vs Player: In standard PvP matches (not Challenge Friend matches) you have a chance to be awarded a Common-Epic level relic upon victory.

Relics can also be found in chests, which can be bought with Quark Points (QP). Three levels of chests are available:

Lockbox Grants a random Common-level relic with a chance to receive up to 4 gems including Epic, Rare and Uncommon.
Merit's Stash Contents include 1 Rare, 2 Uncommons, 3 Commons, and the chance of an Epic Relic.
Fenril's Bounty Guaranteed Epic relic with a chance for a second. Also includes 3 Rares, 6 Uncommons and 10 Commons.

Relic Rarity[edit | edit source]

There are four levels of relic rarity. In-game, you can see the level of rarity of a relic quickly from looking at its shape; relics become more 'rounded' as they increase in rarity.

Common Relic-common.png
Uncommon Relic-uncommon.png
Rare Relic-rare.png
Epic Relic-epic.png

Each level of rarity increases the overall potential power of a relic, depending on which gems are equipped in the relic (these are also referred to as 'affixes').

Relic gems (affixes)[edit | edit source]

However they're found, relics are generated randomly when you acquire them. As well as the relic's rarity, which determines its overall power (and also its shape!) relics have two gem 'affixes' which are listed at the beginning (the prefix) and end (the suffix) of a relic's name. Gem affixes are also shown from the color and icon on the relic. For example, a Common Brilliant Relic on Defense looks like this:

Relic-common.png Five-sided shape = Common

? icon = Brilliant (prefix)

Blue color = Defense (suffix)

Here is a guide to gem prefixes and suffixes:

Prefix Icon Effect
Barbaric Fist Bonus to physical attacks.
Brilliant Staff Bonus to magical attacks.
Brutal Sword Bonus to all attacks.
Energizing Lightning bolt Bonus to energy regeneration.
Mechanical Wrench Bonus to technical attacks.
Suffix Color Effect
Defense Blue Increases all defenses.
Fortification Gold Increases technical defense.
Sagacity Purple Increases magical defense.
Sturdiness Silver Increases physical defense.
Vigor Green Increases max health.

Equipping Relics[edit | edit source]

The relic interface can be accessed from the Army management screen (tap Army from the main screen). After selecting any Champ, take their portrait, then tap Relics on the left hand side to bring up the Relic Management screen.

Tap on any relic to see its rarity and gem prefix/suffix, along with the exact details of their benefits and their sale price.


Relics can be removed from a Champ at any time, and re-used on any other Champ as long as you have open Relic slots. Just drag the relic you want to remove or re-use.

If you decide you don't want or need a relic any more, you can sell it for Battle Points (BP). Just drag the relic into the box on the top right. You can see what any relic is worth by tapping on it. Note there is no confirmation to sell a relic, so be sure you want to sell it before dragging it into the box!