Plant Pull

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Plant Pull
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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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If anyone was on Twitch during the time I was battling PwnLaw, this comp looks very familiar. The comp relies a lot on positioning. The great positioning off the start is very key to the success. This comp runs 5 tier II champs and 1 tier I champ. This comp also relies on very strategic moves usually entailing two moves very quickly as well as the proper placement which will be illustrated down below in the pictures.The main goal of this comp is to get your opponents in the weeds with either the pull or the push back from either the Knight or the Skylancer. Also the mines of the Engineer can also be used by the Knight or the Skylancer.

Some other comps that might be helpful to run would be a Planter over the Wilder or the Radiant.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

I will go into detail what every unit in this comp entails as well as say which moves are best for this comp to maximize the team's full potential.

All of their information can be seen by clicking the Champ. It will direct you towards the individual champ wiki

Engineer Skills[edit | edit source]


The main skill that I run in this comp is the energy mine because of its tile control aspect as well as deadly combos. The Knight and Skylancer can either push or pull an opponent into the bomb detonating the bomb making a lot of damage disappear fast. The energize is secondary because its more important to throw the bombs down, but at the end of the match when a game is close like 9-9, you have the ability to send energy to unit in order to get that last kill.

Knight Skills[edit | edit source]


The Knight is valuable for its ability to push enemies into plants or mines. This unit allows you run right up the middle due to its tanker skills (movement and health). Usually throw those mines or plants behind the middle energy tile where the opponent comp is and then push them back into it.

Skylancer Skills[edit | edit source]


The Skylancer is considered a flanker who can be utilized when he is on the sides of the field. Usually if I do not have an immediate pull into a mine or plant, then I will use the accelerate because the ability to gain more energy over the course of time to make it more effective especially after you pull an enemy in the plant then you can just keep using your basic attack for more damage.

Wilder Skills[edit | edit source]


The Wilder's main objective is to plant weeds in order to get pulled or pushed in. Also the plants help make the opponent have to move more because certain tiles are now taken or the opponent could choose to destroy the plants resulting in energy wasting. Once the opponent is in the plant, the Wilder can use its basic attack which does great technical damage.

Cleric Skills[edit | edit source]


The Cleric is probably the closest thing to a staple in the game. Most of the users run a cleric and maybe even two because of her ability to heal. When champs are in danger of dying, she can give 100 health to a surrounding champ. Also the Cleric can provide a shield to unit in which you do not want to get killed as easy. usually in this class I throw the shield on the Knight because of the middle control. The middle is the most important and you need to secure it.

Alchemist Skills[edit | edit source]


The Alchemist is considered a nuker and he is only here for that reason. Usually the combination of the oil burst along with the grenade does a great deal of damage to opponents. Also, the Alchemist is not very important to this comp, i just play it because i like him. Usually this where you place the Radiant because of her 4 tick which drains enemies of energy which is helpfully for enemies in plants to keep them from moving.

Set-up[edit | edit source]

If there is one map that this comp works great on its the highlands, so I will go step by step showing you to move each unit.


This is the first type of moves you can make before running out of energy. The Knight runs up the middle first to grab that energy tile. The next move I make is moving the Engineer and Skylancer next to the Knight but they will not stay there that long. Following that you want the Cleric on an elevated tile to be able to have some range when healing champs. Also the Wilder and Alchemist near the Cleric but they will be moving. Also a sidenote, if your opponent is running a Knight up the center, you might want to move that Cleric behind your Knight to prevent push back.

Photo (1).PNG

This final step for the set up. The Skylancer is in a place where you can throw down the plants and pull the Wilder into the plants. Also the Engineer has gone into enemy territory in order to put pressure on those back units. The Alchemist is on the side energy tile in order to throw oil and grenades to cause damage. Below is an example of the pull into the plants.

Photo (2).PNG

One last combo that I want to show is the effectiveness of the Engineer and Alchemist when a comp is in a specific spot like the Archer in the picture below. By placing two mines on the side of the archer and throwing a grenade usually throwing oil first, the damage to that one unit could be heavy and it also does not allow the champ to escape with taking some damage.


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