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One Man Army

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One Many Army
Apprentice.png Cleric.png Apprentice.png
Archer.png Axeman.png Bandit.png

Introduction[edit | edit source]

You will be able to do massive AOE damage to your opponent with suffering very little on your front line. I've used this strategy in lots of my early ELO games and had no troubles dominating my opponents. They see your Axeman as a threat, and consistently try to kill him. Meanwhile your Cleric provide great support and your Archer can have overhead fire. The basis of this strategy is to make your champs look much bigger than they actually are. Your Axeman has a very strong AOE attack that can be used incredibly effectively against a melee heavy team, or squishy magic types.

Champ Synergy[edit | edit source]

Cleric & Axeman[edit | edit source]

Cleric.jpg Axeman.jpg

This is the core setup of One Many Army. You can use the Holy Shield Holy shield.png on your Axeman Axeman.jpg. This will provide damage mitigation to prevent him from dying when he rushes into the front line. You can also use your Cleric Cleric.jpg to Replenish Replenish.png your Axeman Axeman.jpg.

Bandit & Axeman[edit | edit source]

Bandit.jpg Axeman.jpg

The core AOE damage from Cleave Cleave.jpg combined with the 3-tile damage from Penetrating Shot Penetrating shot.png can dish massive damage to the enemy front line. If you can position your Bandit Bandit.jpg on the left or right of the opposing team, you can line up some great damage combined with your Axeman's CleaveCleave.jpg.

Archer & Axeman[edit | edit source]

Archer.jpg Axeman.jpg

The Archer can serve a satisfying purpose of picking off those low health stragglers after a heavy Cleave Cleave.jpg from your AxemanAxeman.jpg. Headshot Headshot.png is also a powerful long range ability that can be used to protect your Clerics Cleric.jpg and Apprentices Apprentice.jpg.

The Run Down[edit | edit source]

This is the basic strategy, I've attached some pictures to guide us along the way to victory! The basis of this strategy is to help new players learn the mechanics of some of the champions, and as a way to creep along for their first few PvP battles. Remember though - this guide won't help you in all situations. A player that understand how to counter large front lines by sneaking around your back line, or using their knock-back correctly will set you in for some trouble.

Core Army Setup[edit | edit source]

Oma armysetup.png

So here is your basic army setup before starting the game. The reason you have your Axeman in front is because he has high move speed, and is able to capture energy tiles quicker than other champs. You'll want your Clerics in the back so they don't get poked down by your enemy ranged champs. Your Bandit can be used as a flanker to take out enemy Clerics and Apprentices, or to synergize damage with your Axeman's Cleave ability. Your Archer can maintain a position on the left or right side of your core line up and dish out damage to the stragglers that survive your meat grinder.

Core Setup on the Map[edit | edit source]


You are going to want to immediately move your Axeman up to the mid energy tiles. Since your Axeman has 3 move, it should be able to jump straight onto a tile. Afterward, you're going to want to move your Cleric directly behind your Axeman. This will allow you to take up both energy tiles, and you will be able to cast heal, and holy shield to the majority of your party members. Once your two main units are in place, you can move your Bandit and Archer to the left and right sides of the map. You can keep your Apprentice near your Cleric, preferably on an elevated tile to provide DPS, or to be able to heal your party.

The Meat Grinder[edit | edit source]


This is one of those moments were you get all giddy because your opponent set you up for a perfect combo. After you've casted Resharpening, you will be able to use Cleave to do some massive damage to everyone around your Axeman. (1 Block Radius in all directions.) With the addition of Resharpen, you should do around 100+ damage to all adjacent champs. Since you're on an energy tile, you'll have some quick regeneration to whip out another Cleave in a few seconds.

Calling in Air Support[edit | edit source]


If your Cleave leaves a target relatively low, you can use your outer units to pick them off. Here you can see me using the Archer to take out the remaining health on one of the enemy units. Remember to keep your archers on high ground. They have crazy range with their Tier 5 attack, and you'll be able to snipe off any stragglers from high points. Note: My Cleric was his last kill, that was a small oops by me, but I had some trouble uploading screenshots, so I didn't want to ruin my Archer's spotlight.

Victory is Ours![edit | edit source]


Though this game was against the Training Grounds NPCs, it's still a viable strategy for low level play. The majority of players will want to kill your Axeman because he's a power house - and he's wrecking havoc on their units. You can use this jedi mind trick to keep them focused on your Axeman while you poke at them with your ranged heroes and keep your Axeman on the frontline with the help of your Cleric's Holyshield and healing power from the Apprentices.

Contributors[edit | edit source]