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Linear Destruction

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Linear Attack pattern
Wilder.png Cleric.png Wilder.png
Bandit.png Ghoul.png Bandit.png

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The goal of this squad is to take advantage of the Bandit's 5 tic. The squad focuses on map control to corral the enemy into formations that you want, restricting movement, unless the player wastes energy to kill brush, or takes damage for moving into brush tiles.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

This little pain in the rear has the main job of loading the field with brush, ideally forcing the enemy into lines so you can maximize the bandit.
-do NOT upgrade this unit. The 4 tic for extra damage from these guys can be BRUTAL.
Hold the front, often the Bandit will not land the killing blow but make the enemy so low they either have to die to brush, or get eaten by the ghoul.
-This role can be upgraded to a Corrupter in the comp if you want to.
Heal and keep units safe. The typical healer role.
This unit is the bread and butter of this comp. Utilize the 4 tic in order for them to front line more so than an archer would be able to. Then devastate the enemy with the 5 tic. Using the Wilder 5 tic you should be able to force enemies into lines where you will easily get 2 or more enemies with a single shot. Remember to use their basic attack in order to clean up any units that the Ghoul has not consumed.

This comp requires being highly mobile. You want to trap the back ranks and let the bandit blast them down quickly. Your toughest challenge is going to be heavy tank comps. To take these comps down, surround tanks with brush making it difficult for them to close with your units then kite. Once they are low let the Ghoul do his thing by eating the weakest targets. Also the Wilder does double duty against tanky comps with their 4 tic. Use this on priority targets like Ghoul/Corrupter or Axeman. Caster comps can be a little easier to handle, trap them in bad positions with brush so they cannot counter move when you attempt to get into position. The main goal of the comp it to get multi-unit damage down with the Bandit. Use positional advantage in every way you can. Keep enemies off high ground you can't hold with brush. If the enemy get better field position on you, this comp will fall apart. When enemies attempt flanking maneuvers counter move or block them with brush. This should maintain your field advantage.

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