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Float like a critter, sting like a bee!

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Hit & Run
Planter.png Cleric.png Archer.png
Skylancer.png Critter.png Magister.png

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is a squad that has some tile control mixed with a lot of units that can deal some decent burst damage. You can alternate some of the champs to get some more ranged damage or a tankier frontline. There are three units that must be in your army at all times though. The planter, critter, and a skylancer.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Your main goal is to place your planter on an energy tile so be can lay his plants down and then spam his basic attack since it has good range and decent damage. Your next goal is to have your Skylancer and critter utilize the previously mentioned plants. The lancers pull ability can yank opposing units straight into a nearby plant. This is almost a guaranteed kills in most cases. You can just burst the caught unit down for a kill. The critter can utilize the plants for healing. His four tick allows him to jump into a nearby plant to protect himself. He can later pop out and attack units for considerable damage. Having the ability to heal your frontline unit is beneficial since you can utilize your clerics heal on another injured champ.

Champs-2.PNG Pulling enemies into your plants is a great way to hold melee units in place so you can keep them away from your casters and pulling a ranged unit into one of your plant will either kill or setup an easy kill on said unit.

Your magister is another form of damage for your army. When you land a few of his 5 ticks he will be a Gatling gun. He can start spamming his basic attack to lay down a constant stream of damage to any unit in his vicinity. I use him as a flanker so he can harass opposing casters or flankers. Since he is kind of tanky he can also sit on an energy tile to dish out some major damage.

Champs-3.PNG Getting your magister on an energy tile early on can help him get a few of his 5 ticks off. Once he has his energy regen buffed up he wont have the need for an energy tile and you can run him as a flanker to dash around the map picking stragglers off.

Lastly, you have your archer and cleric. Your archer is there to lay down some long range damage and more importantly to apply her mark ability to make it easier to burst champs down. Your cleric is obviously there to heal your units and she can apply a shield to the critter, lancer, magister, or herself. I would suggest applying it to one of the other units before herself as they will be in the midst of the battle and it would be more beneficial to them. But sometimes a shield cleric can be a pain in the you know what to deal with.

Champs-4.PNG Setting up a bush for your critter to leap in is extremely important to this comp. He may need a heal or he may just need to use the bush to transverse his way across the battlefield and setup his energy for a 5 tick on a unit nearby. Having a bush on hand for the critter can save you from using a cleric's heal on him and therefore, you can apply it to another unit, such as the archer that was just attacked by the sorceress.

[[File:{{Champs-1.PNG}} squad.jpg|400px|center]]

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