Fear the Reaper

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Fear the Reaper
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Introduction[edit | edit source]


This team is all about spawning more units than your opponent. With the Reaper 5 tick ability, Enthrall, you can make thralls which do not count as kills against your total score which is great. They also can do damage so you are getting so much for really nothing. You get tile control, kills, and energy wasting by the opponent killing all the thralls.

All of the champs in the squad are tier 2 champs. The layout of the champs is displayed in the picture above. The goal of this squad is to kill most of your enemies by using the Reaper. Maybe running two reapers would be good to but currently I don't have the points to get it. This squad is not a heavy melee and really excels when on high tiles.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

The strategy revolves around specifically three units which are the Pestilent, Engineer, and of course the Reaper.

Pestilent Skills[edit | edit source]

250px-Pestilent.jpgSpew acid.png

The Pestilent is considered as tank and frontliner which these are meant to run right up the center of the map. The Spew Acid ability (pictured above) is all about a slow death to opponents. Currently the only other champ with the poison ability is the Lookout so this champ is very essential to this army. I will show below how the Pestilent ties in with the Reaper because this undead combo is deadly.

Reaper Skills[edit | edit source]


The Reaper has this great ability called Enthrall which allows thralls to spawn in their place when the reaper gets the final kill. Ideally you want that Pestilent to spew acid over an enemy champ making it slowly drop health until they are down to one. Once they are down to one use the five tick of the reaper to control the battlefield. The more thralls you have the more enemy has to kill and less you take damage.

Engineer Skills[edit | edit source]


The Engineer has a great skill which is its 4 tick called Energize. This move can help make this comp run so much easier if you get him in a good spot usually on an energy tile. If he is on an energy tile, usually the other champs on your team do not need to be on the energy tiles because they will be getting two energys from the engineer. The Engineer can also give the Reaper that five tick easier to get off the enthrall 5 tick. Also with Cleric in this comp, you can energize her to get more heals off.

Cleric Skills[edit | edit source]

250px-Cleric.jpg100px-Replenish.png48px-Holy shield.png

The Cleric is really needed for this comp too because of her healing ability and shield ability. With an Engineer in this comp you can keep on giving the Cleric 2 energy making more heals available which can keep your champs alive. The more that Reaper can stay in the same spot unharmed, the more thralls will be made and the more tile control you will have. The shield also allows it to stay on the field longer. Usually you want this champ on an energy tile to keep getting regeneration of energy.

Set-Up[edit | edit source]

These are my starting setups for each of the three pvp maps.

Ether Ridge[edit | edit source]

Securedownload (1).png

On Ether Ridge, you really want to focus on your side of the battlefield before you move to enemy territory. The Pestilent's job is run to get that energy tile in the middle. Units will swarm around it to try to take that energy tile. The Cleric is in a place where the frontline champs can receive the holy shield as well as healing from her. The Reaper is behind the Pestilent with the Alchemist behind the Reaper. The Bandit is towards the enemy spawn trying to put pressure on those units. The Engineer cannot reach the Pestilent from where it is but it can give 2 energy to the Cleric, Reaper, or Alchemist which are the three really important units that you want to keep alive. The Pestilent's job is just keep spewing acid on the opponent so the Reaper can be the garbage man and make thralls. With the Engineer's 4 tick the Alchemist can afford to not be on an energy tile because the Engineer while on the energy tile can just keep giving energy if other units do not need. The unit i would put the shield on would be the Reaper just to keep it alive to make more thralls.

Graeth's Altar[edit | edit source]

Securedownload (2).png

Same thing on this battefield that Pestilent is controlling the middle with the Reaper on the side energy tile and Engineer on the energy tile close to spawn. With the Cleric being right behind the Pestilent and next to the Engineer it blocks it from melee attacks from Corruptors and Knights. With this setup, you really want to sent that energy to the Cleric because she is not on an energy tile and you want the ability to heal quickly if needed because you do not want to give tile position.

The Highlands[edit | edit source]


On the Highlands, the Pestilent is the one to grab that first energy tile on the front highgrounds. The next move would be your Engineer over towards the side energy tile on the right hand side. The Bandit needs to be a position where it is constantly putting pressure on the back. The Cleric you want to follow your Pestilent up the middle because usually people will run a Knight and you do not want to get pushed back off that energy tile. The Reaper you want on the left side energy tile so it can get the last hit on the opponents near the center. Once that first energy tile is free on the opponents side, you can put 2 units like a Reaper and Cleric up on those tiles because the thralls can basically escort you to those tiles. This is why these thralls are so important because of the tile control they have. They also waste energy on killing your thralls.

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