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Starting Energy:
Energy Regen:
Physical Defense:
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A massive machine, or so claimed by anyone who sees it, the Constructor is a quadrupedal robot that deploys other machines made for combat. Reactivated by the Widget, this hulking behemoth roams the land with its prior programming, which was stopping any and all conflicts and maintaining peace.

To that end, the Constructor is equipped with a headmounted laser cannon to blast foes with. Its true strength, however, lies with the machines that are deployed on the battlefield. The Constructor's energy conduit is an engineering marvel, able to channel energy to nearby units, and can even handle the massive outpouring of energy that energy tiles emit. The Constructor also houses an automated turret that attacks enemies all around it while the Contructor moves on to other business.

Previous Tier[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack
Basic Attack.png
Energy: 3
Damage: 60
Type: Tech
Range: 2

The Constructor charges energy, then fires a laser beam from its head.

Energy Conduit
Energy Conduit.png
Energy: 4
Type: Tech, Buff, AoE
Range: 2

The Constructor deploys an Energy Conduit, a much smaller robot that is able to channel energy to nearby units. This robot can even channel an energy tile's output and emit it to nearby unit. Energy Conduit that increases energy regen on adjacent tiles by 25%, or 75% if placed on an energy vent.

  • Increases Energy regen on adjacent tiles by 25%, or 75% if placed on energy tile.
  • Affects Energy regen of both friendly and enemy units.
  • 2 per battle - 1 on an energy tile and 1 on a normal tile
Pellet Turret
Pellet Turret.png
Energy: 5
Damage: 25
Type: Tech, AoE
Range: 2

To keep enemies occupied, the Constructor deploys a small turret that immediately activates as soon as the light hits it. Once fired up, this tiny turret seeks out the Constructor's enemies and attempts to gun them down.Turret that periodically fires at enemies within 2 range of it.

  • Attacks automatically once 3 energy is met.
  • Turret's attack range: 2
  • Only one turret per Constructor allowed at a time.