City Zoning Laws (Zoning out Enemies)

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City Zoning Laws (Controlling the Zone)
Sorceress.png Alchemist.png Planter.png
Engineer.png Knight.png Archer.png

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The main idea to this team composition is to hold back an enemy team and slowly lower their health bars. The strong, high-damage back line will whittle down opponents, while the front line knight. Mines from the engineer, plants made by the planter, and multiple oil and fire bottle from the alchemist will prevent the enemy front line from coming near you. The knight's large presence will fill up any gaps left between the plants and mines.

Different Types[edit | edit source]

There are different ways of running this team composition which can change depending on what you need.

The Original (as mentioned above)

In this composition, the engineer and planter are the most important part. Their plants and mines will zone out the opponent and force them back from attacking the squishy back line. If a large group attempts to break through the "minefield", the alchemist can rain oil and fire bombs on them to chunk their health. The knight fills the gaps in the mine/plant field and forces them back. If necessary, he can be cleric shielded so he can become tankier.

The Double Tinker Strategy


One change in this composition is to replace the alchemist and the engineer with tinkers. This is more dangerous, but allows for a lot more control. If the enemy attempts to approach your back line, they will be met with mines, which will quickly take down their health. The archer and sorceress can then clean up the remainder of their health, picking up the kills.

Important Strategies[edit | edit source]

I need to sleep now, but I will post pictures and strategies later.

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