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Introduction[edit | edit source]

One of the most annoying things to deal with is a cleric that gets on an energy square and throwing heals on everyone you hit. The basic concept of this build is to burst people and overwhelm the cleric trying to keep his allies alive.

Roles each character plays[edit | edit source]

The main objective is to stack damage on a single target.

Alchemist[edit | edit source]


The Alchemist's main job is to get as much damage down as possible. The four tick amplifies all fire damage and burns the target. This also works with Apprentice's 5 tick. Since alchemist's abilities are AOE he can do tons of damage.

Striker[edit | edit source]


Once the target is low it's time to move in with the finisher.

Strikers are really good at finishing. Move him onto an energy square in the beginning and use his 4 tick. Once he has 5 energy again he can move and attack 3 times in a relatively short period of time since his 4 tick regenerates 2 energy after an attack and attacks only cost 2 energy.

The striker can also be used to stall the Cleric. Generally the cleric is placed on an energy square by pulling him off with his 5 tick and forcing him to move back onto the square wastes his energy. Although this isn't really efficient it can mean getting a kill or having the cleric heal a low unit and having the unit escape.

Knight[edit | edit source]


The Knight's main role is to hold the mid square and knock units away. He is there to stall the advance of the enemy's front line. He can also be used to taunt the enemy units and forcing them to waste 3 energy. This is extremely effective against the cleric since they do almost no damage.

Ghoul[edit | edit source]


The Ghoul's role is to try to stack up his 5 tick effect and to soak up damage. He is very tanky and exerts a lot of pressure because people dont want to stand next to him and risk giving him free stacks.

I will be replacing the Ghoul with a Reaper once it comes out. The reaper will be used to finish off targets once they get hit by the alchemist's combo.

Apprentice[edit | edit source]

Apprentice.jpg The Apprentice can either heal your units or be used for extra damage. She is a pretty straight forward unit.

Try to kill units before the enemy has a chance to move them or heal. Just use your skills consecutively so they have less time to react.

Positioning[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2013-08-28-02-22-45.jpg

Generally you want to avoid as much aoe damage as possible. I saw that his squishier units were on the right side so i moved my units towards that direction. The 2 alchemists, apprentice, and striker were all in range to attack the bandit. My next course of action would have been to have the striker move in on the bandit and attack it once then use the apprentice to 5 tick the bandit then finish it off with the striker.

I would have also used my ghoul is pressure their back line. Generally units in the back line do a lot of damage but have really low defense. By placing a tanky unit near their squishy unit you force them to move or attack your tank. This means they have less energy to attack your weak targets with.

Try to use elevation to you advantage. Higher elevations means longer range.

Keep in mind Alchemists skills blow up and hit units regardless of elevation.

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Guide by thespicytofu 8/28/2013