Bandit in the Middle

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is a middle class squad requires only 10300 BP which can be easily achieved from leveling up. The strategy focus on the power of bandit and capturing low physical defense champ from the enemy.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

I. Squad position[edit | edit source]

As the title, the first step is put your bandit to the middle energy spot and turn on reflectReflect.png (as shown in the below picture with gold bubble). The role of bandit is to help hold the position of the squad and provide attack output. The following pictures show how the beginning goes in different battle fields.

IMG 0041.PNGIMG 0040.PNG

The goal of the game is to get first 10 kills. So the point is how to get quick kills and not to be killed that much.

II. Get quick kills[edit | edit source]

This is a very strong physical attack team and the goal is to capture all the champs with low physical defense of the opposite squad, including vagabondVagabond.png, apprenticeApprentice.png, archerArcher.png, clericCleric.png, wilderWilder.png, sorceressSorceress.png, planterPlanter.png. BanditBandit.png has nice range and energy regenerate rate. Put it in the middle energy spot and the main attack is the penetrate shot20px-Penetrating shot.png. One of the advantage of penetrate shot20px-Penetrating shot.png is that usually you can hit more than two champs at a time. In particular, most opponents would put their cleric, which has low physical defense, in this range for free!

There are two squiresSquire.png in the squad which used as follows:

1. Use pushback Pushback.pngto gain the energy spot from the opponent.

IMG 0042.PNG

2. Help to hold the energy position (see the explanation for axeman below)

3. use as tank to attract big shots and protect the apprentice.

The axemanAxeman.png is another attack output. Use the squireSquire.png to gain the energy spot to get energy position and resharpenResharpening.png. Since the axeman is put on the first row right, it is closer to the second row of opponent squad. Wait until the energy full then cleave mainly the second row and use the squire to preserve the energy position and then switch again.

The archerArcher.png takes the right behind energy spot. Using the advantage of ranged attack, she can also provide constant rate of damage against second row unit under the protection of squire (or knightKnight.png).

IMG 0043.PNG

In general, this team works well and won more than 70% of PVP games so far. I seldom lose opponents with squad made less of 19000BP (my squad is make up of 13100BP when using knight instead of a squire). In the level games or training ground against some of all tier 2 squad can even get 10 to nothing easily (notice that cluckle sometimes has some surprising unrevealed characters! I saw three different new characters already ).

IMG 0045.PNG

II.1 Strengthen the squad with a knight[edit | edit source]

However, the main drawbacks of this team is low magic attack and would mainly meet difficulties with opponent with more than two alchemistsAlchemist.png (usually the squad requires 50000 more BP). The way to resolve it is to replace the first row squire with a knight. The distinguishing feature of a knight is that it is the best tank (and cheap) in the game. Not to mentioned that they have stronger knockbackKnockback.png to help to gain advantageous positions. Moreover, they has an interesting skill: taunt. In the middle stage of a game, use the knight to taunt help to destroy the big shot of the opponent squad. KnightsKnight.png don't provide tough attack output but use taunt against opponent's main attack (ghoul, axeman, alchemist, critter, corruptor) would greatly decrease your damage.

II.2 Champ Synergy[edit | edit source]



The bandit is the main tank in this squad and the key point is use reflectReflect.png to stick to the middle energy square. The squire can use pushbackPushback.png to take the next energy squire from the opponent.



Cleric can certainly use holy shieldHoly shield.png on any champ and make it become a tank. In this squad composition, the archer Archer.png is the most fragile one with good damage. With the help of the four tick markMark.png of the archer, one can clean up a certain position of the opponent squad more faster.

III. Avoid to be killed[edit | edit source]

The most essential thing is healing from the clericCleric.png and holy shield. When the axeman is deep in the opposite squad for cleaves more damage targets, he better to have holy shieldHoly shield.png on. Otherwise might not live long enough for even a cleave since his energy regenerate rate is low. When the opposite squad with strong attacker (axemanAxeman.png, ghoulGhoul.png, corruptorCorruptor.png, critterCritter.png, pestilentPestilent.png) get into the area of second row. Our first row receive less damage and the holy shield can be transfered to archer or cleric, depending on whom is under more pressure.

Notice that the right and left is not symmetric, we put the archer on the second row behind to avoid direct damage. Therefore, the weak unit including archer, cleric and apprentice should wonder when there are strong attacker move near the second row. Always escape to the next energy spot to restore enough energy to start the next move. In the mean while, the squire is used to block the invader against our second row unit. For a closed match, the end game usually depends on the skill of weak unit wondering to earn more time for bandit or axeman for one more kill.

Contributors[edit | edit source]