AOE Damage is Magic

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hi! my name is Ryu and this is my kickass guide to champs with tons (and I mean tons!) of AOE damage! First off I would like to thank Daillest for the pictures and help to this guide. Now then you may be wondering whats so good about this guide, well let me tell you why for one not only can this guide be used for aoe damage but there is a certain combo that can be used with the axeman in this guide to do 214 physical damage with the next 3 basic attacks when used! (note if you can't see the unit beside the axeman not the rev but the other one its a bard incase you were wondering the image just never showed up)

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Well sone of the specific strategies you can use in this comp is first organizing spots where you can quickly burst down a bunch of people for an example Having your Revenant teleport into the centre of people then just using frost nova works well or moving your axeman into large crowds of people. You can also set up your bard to just anger and silence people from attacking your guys You can use your gunner to shoot people at the back and hit multiple people while your cleric heals now for your sunsear he main job is to power up your axeman or just use her 5 tick on large crowds now your probably wondering why power up the axeman, Well There is this one really powerful combo that can only be used with the axeman and sunsear that lasts for about 3 basic attacks. This combo does about 214 for the next 3 basic attacks you do with the axeman first you power up the axeman with the sunsears 4 tick then use the axe mans 4 tick then the next 3 attacks you do should have an output of 214 physical/fire damage neat isn't it?

Contributors[edit | edit source]